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Client Article Title Keywords Published by Edition
British Institute of Technology and e-Commerce Toshiba’s New Tablet PC is Highly Acclaimed Product review, Toshiba, Protégé M700. M400PC Pro, Intel chips, laptops.. eBritain magazine

Issue 2
Summer 2008
Redactive Publishing How to track customer behaviour Marketing and data management. The Marketer; the former magazine of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  July-August 2008
Marketing Sherpa How to use forums to become a thought leader: 10 steps to make your brand stand out. Marketing MarketingSherpa
Available online.
March 2008
St. John Patrick Publishers Profit with happy customer-employee interactions Internet retailing and contact centre. Internet Retailing
Available in the printed magazine edition.

July 2008;
Issue 4, Vol. 2.

Marketing Sherpa

How to get back opt-outs: 7 steps to retain more customers

Email marketing, opt-outs, website marketing, customer retention, customer loyalty.

Available online.

February 2008

Marketing Sherpa

Mobile surveys show higher response rates, lower costs: 12 strategies & creative tips.

Mobile marketing, market and customer research.

Available online.



How to assess your loyalty program’s value

Customer Relationship Management, Loyalty cards, and loyalty programmes.

Available online.

April 2008

Marketing Sherpa

Mobile social networking: 8 strategies for B-to-B marketers.

B2B social networks and marketing.

Available online.

December 2007

The Marketing Leaders

Mobile CRM: build profitable mobile customer relationships

Mobile marketing, Customer Relationship Management.

The Marketing Leaders

Summer 2007

Contractor UK

Why are Tax Penalties So Taxing?

HM Revenue and Customs, tax returns, late payment

Contractor UK
Available online.

April 2007

Contractor UK

Jobs Threatened? IT Contractors Can Count Mixed Blessing

Offshore IT Outsourcing, India, China and Eastern Europe, British Computer Society, Xansa, International Outsourcing Forum.

Contractor UK
Available online.


April 2007


Kuwait Report: Learning to Leapfrog

Kuwait, e-learning, education, politics, economics, culture.

Noozz Media Group
To view this sample, click here.

Second Quarter 2006

The Institute of Direct Marketing

ROI: CRM and eCRM tools for direct marketers

Information Technology, Customer Relationship Management and marketing.

The IDM Marketing Guide
Available in the printed journal from the IDM.

November 2006;
Volume 1

The Marketing Leaders

Turn Data into Information; only then can it become actionable knowledge that equals profit.

Data management, information management, measuring profit.


The Marketing Leaders


August 2006

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