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Editing and journalism

Media-Insert Editorial Services works with traditional and digital, online media clients; and our experienced and knowledgeable staff are regularly commissioned to write and research independent copy. If you need someone to manage your editorial team; your journalists and contributors, or to simply edit copy, then we can help you too.   

For the media we can provide:

  • News articles
  • Feature articles
  • Case studies
  • Opinion pieces
  • Expert columns 
  • Analytical reports, etc.

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Research and Analysis

Our editors and journalists are opinion-makers; they can research and analyse markets to form analyst and market reports for either global financial investors or for any kind of readership. Our research experience and skills also add to the high quality of our journalism copy.  Our team has a wide network of industry contacts who we can interview to enhance the quality and relevance of our work. We also use secondary web and non-related research sources.

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