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Specialised Areas Communications Technology;; to Business Marketing (B2B); for Marketing; to Consumer Marketing (B2C); Media and Networking; Capital Management and HRM; Financial Markets; Services; and Economics; Opportunities; and Training;

We will consider working with publications in need of copy relating to other topics.

World Finance magazine

Media-Insert's founder, Graham Jarvis, regularly wrote for World Finance Magazine, writing news and feature articles about topics like economic reform in Syria and Montenegro, commodity markets, foreign direct investment opportunities, foreign exchange markets, the outcomes of the G20 London Summit, the performance of stock exchanges, how the high performance of stock exchanges can bolster international relations, political and economic reform in China, and so on.

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Diplomat magazine

Media-Insert's founder, Graham Jarvis, regularly contributed to Diplomat magazine; covering topics such as the World Health Organisation’s World Health Day, whether India will eventually take over from China as an economic super power and as an investment location, whether the West can learn from central and eastern European economies, NATO and more besides.

Read an online example here.
OTR Global

The work carried out for OTR Global, a US-based but worldwide research organisation that provides detailed market reports for global and institutional investors, involved primary and secondary research (e.g. interviewing channel partners of enterprise technology firms such as Wavecom, Autodesk, Dassault, Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft, Virtual Iron, and others); analysing the data and contributing to global reports on each subject.

The topics covered included smart metering; desktop, server and storage virtualisation; storage area network switches; computer-aided design markets, Adobe and its competitors and e-Call modules.

MarketingSherpa, a prominent US-based online marketing publication, hired Media-Insert to write a series of marketing ‘How to...’ Guides towards from October 2007 until about April 2008. The topics covered included the use of mobile social media and networking to promote a company’s brand, mobile surveys and polls, why an opt-out is an opportunity to create a more loyal customer, and so on.

Read some of the articles here

Media-Insert wrote a number of feature articles for during 2006 and 2007. They typically covered foreign direct investment opportunities in the Middle East. The sectors and topics covered included oil and gas, electricity, eco-tourism, Islamic finance, infrastructure development, retailing, real estate, the impact of free trade agreements with the US, political reform, etc.

Widely Published

Our editorial team has also written news, features, opinion pieces, and analysis for a number of other publications including: TU Automotive, Banking Technology, Fintech Futures, Smart Payments, Payments Cards and Mobile, The Global Treasurer, Global Banking and Finance Review, Government and Public Sector Journal, ComputerWeekly, Data Center Dynamics, IT Pro Portal, CloudPro, CloudTech, Information Age,  CIO magazine, Digitalisation World, Startups Magazine,, UKTech News, Policing Insight, City AM, European CEO, The Marketer Mycustomer (formerly BT InsightExec), Marketing Business, Internet Retailing, Bloor Research, eBritain, Education Investor, Student Times, Brand Protection News, BusinessEurope, Springboard, Diplomat Magazine, ContractorUK, TD Magazine, Business Communications Review International, eBritain, Marketing Business, mycustomer, and many more besides...and our founder, Graham Jarvis, is the former editor of The Marketing Leaders, the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Technology  group’s e-zines, and of a cloud computing news portal.

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"Graham Jarvis, the founder of Media-Insert, is a leading writer and commentator on new marketing and use of associated technologies. He has a penchant for balanced and informed reporting, delivering thoroughly researched articles and 'thought pieces' and ensuring that the best sources are accessed and acquired at all times.

As current Director of the professional Marketer community 'MyMarketingLife' and a previous Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Technology group, I continue to work with Graham and highly value his work ethic and integrity on all matters. As an able communicator and assimilator of new marketing and general business practices and technologies, he steadfastly monitors the pulse of important new developments in commerce, and is becoming a thought-leader in his own right.

Graham is a 'velvet ferret' when it comes to getting to the core of any assignment or issue; an honest interpreter of what he sees and hears and excels in assuring his sources and references are substantive. I commend him and Media-Insert to anyone who wishes a thorough job to be well done."

David J. Hood PgDM PgDED
CEO - My Marketing Life

Financial Journalism for European CEO and World Finance

“Chris Dempsey and I have commissioned Graham Jarvis on several occasions to write feature, profile and market forecast articles for our World Finance and European CEO magazine titles. We find that the articles are highly informative, very readable, well researched and written. Chris and I therefore have no reservations in highly recommending Graham and his editorial agency to other editors and publishers.”  

Michael McCaw, former Executive Editor, World News Media.

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