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Scottish Government IT chief Anne Moises wants to bring emotional IQ into the CIO role
While avoiding any sweeping generalisations, Scottish Government CIO Anne Moises believes some men overly focus on the nuts and bolts of technology, forgetting the ‘people’ aspect of IT.
Client: CIO
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Going Virtual to Improve Server Efficiency
Graham Jarvis explores server virtualisation - one of the most promising areas of growth in the IT industry.
Client: British Institute of Technology and e-Commerce; eBritain magazine.
Egypt Attempts to Plug FX Hole
Graham Jarvis explore how Coronavirus Covid-19 exposes cracks in Egypt’s macroeconomic stabilisation.
Client: The Global Treasurer
Building the Infrastructure to Suit Driverless Cars
The Caviar (Connected and Autonomous Vehicle: Infrastructure Appraisal Readiness) project is a programme set up in a bid to understand the challenges connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) could face on UK motorways. 
Client: TU Automotive.

Growth and Freedom in Asia
Does economic growth inevitably lead to democracy? China and Vietnam are growing fast, but political freedom still lags.

Client: The Diplomat Magazine
The impact of the G20
The London Summit, it was hoped, would provide the groundwork for a coherent global strategy to deal with the current financial crisis. Amidst reports of the scale of IMF investment we ask whether this was the day the world came together; or did they?

Client: WN Media; World Finance magazine.
Lockdown is easing: How long will remote working remain the ‘new normal’?
With Covid-19 lockdowns easing, will remote working remain the 'new normal'?

Published by IT Pro Portal.

Technology challenges of Body-Worn Video
Many forces want the benefits of BWV, yet procurement is not a simple process. Each department has specific needs...In this article from the CoPaCC thematic report ‘Body-worn Video in Policing’, Graham Jarvis looks at the technology considerations.
Client: Policing Insight                                                   
On The Outside Looking In
A healthy chunk of Building Schools for the Future’s budget is ringfenced for ICT but only the biggest firms need apply, says Graham Jarvis.
Client: Education Investor     Download PDF to read more

Software Standards for the Connected Car
Graham Jarvis finds that by having cross-industry collaborations, it becomes possible to define common software development standards.
Client: TU Automotive.                                           Read more
How to use forums to become a thought leader: 10 steps to make your brand stand out.
Establishing your brand as a leader in its field can make a real difference for your sales team when trying to convert prospects, especially if your brand is not well known or difficult to differentiate from your competition. See how a software firm focused on thought leadership...
Client: MarketingSherpa                                               
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Italy’s praiseworthy pension fund
Praise abounds for ENPAM, the privatised pension fund for Italian doctors and dentists. It is seen as a virtuous example of competent management, a model of transparency and effective administration.
Client: World Finance                                                   
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